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As you may have noticed we have just updated our web site to a new design. There are some pages from the old site that we are still moving across but other, new, pages have been added as well. This is all part of a major update which we have been carrying out to help improve the support that we offer.

Other updates include:

New support systems

We have implemented a new help desk system which helps us respond to support questions much quicker. This is backed up by our new live chat service (see the bottom right-hand corner of the page) which allows you to contact us immediately. This means that you now have the option of e-mailing us, calling us or using the live chat system.

We have also integrated our remote support system which allows us to connect to customers screens and help perform tasks such as set up your e-mail accounts for you. All you would need to do is talk to us to gain a code and then enter it into the remote support box on our support page. This will then start a session, allowing us to see your screen.

New telephone number

We have updated our telephone number to 01788 247740.

New services

We have added a number of new pages to our web site. These are to promote services that, although we have been offering for some time, we haven't actively publicised them. You can now see new pages for services including Google Ads, logo design, search engine optimisation and content writing.

More updates will follow in the next few weeks as we add more information to the site including customer testimonials and additions to all of the items that we mentioned above.

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